Omakase – To Entrust

What is Omakase (お任せ)? It is loosely translated as “I’ll leave it up to you” and is used as a way for diners to trust the chef to choose what the diners will eat.

It’s a fine tradition that gives the chef creative freedom and the customer a memorable dining experience.

When some people say “omakase” it might be related to just sushi joints but here at UoVo you can do just that, to entrust the chef to serve you in a way to delight and surprise you.

We Love Meringue

There are all sorts of meringue that can be made, but we just absolutely love it and have been experimenting with various types. From plain meringue to those topped with fruits. If you are nutty for meringue, why not head over to UoVo to try some of our meringue offerings.


Check out our desserts!

We try our best to serve great desserts here at UoVo and also plate it in an interesting way, a little differently.

Chocolate Tart with sorbet topped with berries and meringue

Another dessert that we would like to invite you to try is our Vanilla Panna Cotta.

Vanilla Panna Cotta

If something sweet isn’t something you fancy and are hungry for more, we also serve pastas and pizzas here at UoVo.